An Interesting Conversation

XxpiratezrulexX: hey
XxpiratezrulexX: i missed you
XxpiratezrulexX: where were you?
its.rey.98523: out
XxpiratezrulexX: where?
its.rey.98523: places
XxpiratezrulexX: o
XxpiratezrulexX: ok
its.rey.98523 is away at 7:56:03 PM.

its.rey.98523 has returned at 8:21:48 PM.
XxpiratexrulexX: ur back
its.rey.98523: yup.
XxpiratezrulexX: whered you go
its.rey.98523: wuts with all the interrogation?
its.rey.98523: its like you dont trust me anymore
XxpiratezrulexX: cuz i never know where you are!
its.rey.98523: thats cuz its none of your business!
XxpiratezrulexX: well maybe i should make it my business!
its.rey.98523: maybe you should just stay out of it
XxpiratezrulexX: r u hiding something from me?

its.rey.98523 has signed off.

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