Lots of yelling.

“its just that i think you’re moving into this way too fast!” he finally screamed.
i felt the blood rush to my face. he was right. 100% right. i had only known Ty for a few months and i thought i was in love with him? But why, all of a sudden, does Teddy have an opinion on how fast i should move in relationships?
“Teddy, I know this is all going very fast,” i finally said quietly “but when I’m with Ty, i feel things that i’ve never felt before.”
“We’re only 13 Lindsey! What could you ossibl be feeling when your thirteen?!” Must he yell, i mean I’m standing right here.
“i know, but…”
what is happening?!
“Teddy, listen to me… Please!”
he grabs my waist and kisses me. And i pull away, speechless. And finally, He’s speechless too.
Finally, after about the longest minute of my life, he speaks.
“What if I liked you too, Lindz.”

And he truned and ran home.
and i stood there.
unable to think.

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