A St. Pat's Mugging - Part 2.5

“Doesn’t surprise me,” said the policeman. “I’ve dealt with these types in the past. Ruthless buggers.”

“Really?” said Ted, feeling less hopeless. “This is common?”

The officer leaned into Ted and said,”Truth is, they’ve been pulling stunts like this for years, usually hitting high profile targets such as banks and museums, not small potatoes people such as yourself, no offense.”

“No. No offense,” said Ted. “I just hope I can get my stuff back.”

“We’ll do our best,” said the officer. “Don’t hold your breath, though.”

“Tell, you what,” said the officer noticing the disappointment on Ted’s face. “While I finish up here, why don’t you go to the bar downtown and have a few drinks? I’ll meet you there. My treat.”

“Yeah. Sure.” said Ted, never one to turn down a free drink. “I’ve got nowhere to go.”

As he walked to the bar, holding the ice pack on his bruised mellon, Ted peered over his shoulder, fearful of what might happen once his boss discovered the key to their survival was gone.

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