Let him take you into the jet

You relax and let the mysterious men take you. After all, you’re outnumbered.
The men search you, handcuff your arms, and put a canvas bag over your head, making it hard to breath. You feel them attach a harness to you and suddenly you’re lifted into the sky.
Rough arms pull you inside a compartment. A radio cackles from somewhere inside the vehicle. They kick your legs out from under you and shove you against a wall. Belts are locked across your chest and legs, preventing you from moving.
You feel the vehicle lift engines rumble to life, and soon you feel the aircraft go airborn.
You’re eyes squint and adjust to the bright light as the canvas bag is pulled off your head.
A figure in red sits across from you. His helmet prevents you from seeing his face, but you can only guess that he’s not smiling. You eye the heavy assault rifle resting across his legs.
Then you remember the acid pack in your clothing, specially designed to prevent this kind of situation.
Do you
1. Do nothing?
2. Ignite the acid pack?

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