The Office

Linsy kicked the front of her desk and hopped the rest of the way to her chair.
” Who does she think she is” glaring at the back of her door, it was my presentation.
Two week’s worth of work.
She waltzed into my office and took it off my desk, adds one thing to it and her name.
Stealing others work seems to be her thing.
That’s it, Linsy hobbled out into the hall, where’s Sharon she demanded.
The girl at the front desk made a distressed face, she went to lunch with the boss.
Linsy grit her teeth and closed her eyes, ” thinking ”, no doubt to talk about my presentation.
She went back to her office slamming the door behind her.
I have to stop her, are none of us will get promoted off this floor.
Linsy sat down and kicked her feet up onto her desk,
so think.

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