The Shortcut 4

Angel’s carved of stone hung in each corner of the crypt stained, cracked and rotting, melting away.
Rusty water trinkled in through the cracks in the roof.
and ran down the disintegrating stonewalls to the dirt and rock floor filling the room with the scent of decaying earth.
She saw the candle burning, a stairway leading down to a chapel.
She saw the blood red crucifix hanging upside down above a scripture on the wall that could no longer be read.
Muffled voices; people chanting, coming from the chapel below her.
Marilee pushed herself back up the doors, turned and began to pound violently on them,
leaving her bloody hand prints behind,
she begged for someone to open them.
She could see the dark figure through the bars of the door standing in the rain.
The chanting was coming up the stairwell getting louder, coming closer, please she begged,
she reached for him blood dripped to the steps.

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