Stories Tagged With: "confused" (78)

  1. The Fog

    Author: FlirtingWithaBrickWall

    Published April 29th, 2007

  2. Am I a guy?

    Author: Dangerous Angels

    Published May 14th, 2007

  3. Delihla

    Author: Mask By The Moon

    Published May 27th, 2007

  4. Dazed and Confused

    Author: Frostbite

    Published June 12th, 2007

  5. someone help

    Author: Green Apple

    Published September 4th, 2007

  6. The Search

    Author: Stovohobo

    Published September 14th, 2007

  7. bittersweet

    Author: claddagh

    Published September 19th, 2007

  8. I want a Change

    Author: Mr Reeses

    Published September 28th, 2007

  9. Thoughts about a knife and other things.

    Author: Organics

    Published October 2nd, 2007

  10. The Book{OTOC's challenge}

    Author: The Ghost in the Machine

    Published November 5th, 2007

  11. maybe

    Author: User 4962

    Published November 16th, 2007

  12. Unknown

    Author: Leave Me A Note

    Published November 16th, 2007

  13. Run

    Author: LeAnn717

    Published November 21st, 2007

  14. Dear Diary ((The Third))

    Author: .:band baby:.

    Published November 22nd, 2007

  15. A Matter of Seconds

    Author: Mr Reeses

    Published November 29th, 2007

  16. Petronella

    Author: Insert Pen Name Here

    Published December 20th, 2007

  17. The meaning of sight (a slam poem)

    Author: cracks in a sidewalk

    Published January 21st, 2008

  18. Butterflies

    Author: ♠Ana Cristina♥

    Published January 29th, 2008

  19. Am I Me?

    Author: ♥Bridget

    Published February 13th, 2008

  20. Coming Clean

    Author: Phosphate11

    Published February 17th, 2008

  21. Let Faith Prevail

    Author: `crayola.

    Published February 21st, 2008

  22. Alone and Crying

    Author: .:band baby:.

    Published February 22nd, 2008

  23. Dear Jane

    Author: butterflygirl6106

    Published February 22nd, 2008

  24. Their First Encounter

    Author: .:band baby:.

    Published February 24th, 2008

  25. Up At Two AM.

    Author: You Know You Love Mee!

    Published March 12th, 2008

  26. -deleted-

    Author: -Deleted-

    Published March 14th, 2008

  27. Your Escape???

    Author: Phosphate11

    Published March 20th, 2008

  28. My Confused War

    Author: More Ways Than One

    Published March 23rd, 2008

  29. I don't understand this at all.

    Author: invisibility_disability

    Published March 30th, 2008

  30. Do I Know You?

    Author: .:band baby:.

    Published March 31st, 2008

  31. Still Dead

    Author: rkalajian

    Published April 16th, 2008

  32. Can I trust her?

    Author: RCYHAONI

    Published April 23rd, 2008

  33. Rejection?

    Author: RCYHAONI

    Published April 24th, 2008

  34. I DON'T CARE!

    Author: Overlooked_Merchandise

    Published May 9th, 2008

  35. Changing Your Mind

    Author: snakepandafox<3

    Published May 21st, 2008

  36. Changing Your Mind

    Author: snakepandafox<3

    Published May 21st, 2008

  37. But I

    Author: AwkwardlyReversed

    Published May 24th, 2008

  38. Just a Kiss

    Author: wytherwings

    Published May 25th, 2008

  39. Heart Of Glass: Poem

    Author: LovingYourHeartbreak♥

    Published June 6th, 2008

  40. Interruption

    Author: ♠Ana Cristina♥

    Published June 12th, 2008

  41. Thats how you save me

    Author: BrokenAngel

    Published June 15th, 2008

  42. Him

    Author: Annie_Bear

    Published June 26th, 2008

  43. Kelly's Dream [scavenger hunt challenge]

    Author: wytherwings

    Published June 27th, 2008

  44. Alive part 6

    Author: Bertha McShane

    Published June 30th, 2008

  45. What to do .Part two.

    Author: PantherStar10

    Published July 6th, 2008

  46. should you be together?

    Author: LizZx324

    Published July 9th, 2008

  47. walking before sunset

    Author: LizZx324

    Published July 9th, 2008

  48. Out

    Author: Lone Writer

    Published July 10th, 2008

  49. Faith, Fate, and Instinct

    Author: [ wall.doll ]

    Published July 15th, 2008