Alexis DeHearts

Before I say anything else… I’ve gotten the love bite and it is oh so adorable (coos over love-bite) ...anyhoo…
I’ve been writing since I was in fourth grade when I was forced to write a short story. I was suprised at how fun it was, and took it casually from there. It wasn’t until sixth grade that I began to think of writing as a career. I’ve written one book (unpublished) and have another in progress, as well as a musical, which I am writing with a good friend of mine.
Besides writing, I also enjoy singing, acting, playing piano and composing and arranging music (especially jazz).
Besides my hobbies, I should probably just give some background and stuff…
I have ADHD, which I may sometimes reference to, though I try to never use it as an excuse. I really dislike when people say they can do stuff because they have ADD or ADHD.
I moved for the first time last summer, and am still adjusting, although this winter I have been infinatly greatful for our fireplace.
As is implied earlier, besides writing, my greatest passion is music. I often have my doubts about singing (Tenkou will attack me for that…) though people often assure me that I have an amazing voice. But it’s going through an out-of-whack stage right now… which is why I hate adolesence.
I’m fourteen, and participated in an international thingy that I won’t name, for my own saftey, last year. It was scenario writing, and I won first in state, as well as second on a team of three writers at internationals.

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