He’s an individual, and they’re always trying.
Number 2

You could call me a want-to-be writer. I have many ideas, but probably most might not be long enough for a story, or a short story. I always look forward to comments, criticisms, and ratings. I do read all comments made and use them to help guide a series or to make corrections to anything I posted.

Ficlets fits me, because I can post my thoughts and see whats happens/develops from them.

Current Series
Full Circle – A three part series. Won’t say more to keep the surprise.
First Story: Full Circle (Part 1)
Status: Completed – March 18, 2008

Hex – An ongoing series about a guy, his life, and an inner voice called Beta.
First Story: 0000FF (
Status: In Progress/On Hold/Taking a Break

The Torturer – A face off between a serial killer and the detective hunting him.
First Story: Aftermath (
Status: In Progress

My Orphanage of Series
Taking the concept created by BARomero.

Links to Me
LibraryThing: ChrisWDP
Netvibes (Ginger): ChrisWDP
Pownce: ChrisWDP
Twitter: ChrisWDP

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