My name is Amy. I love reading, I read all the time. I play basketball and I play the drums. My favorite colors are purple and blue.

I’m now part of the League of Awesomeness (LoA) and shall be known as the Awesomeishnessly-tastical Writer of Awesomeness.

some of my fav songs (not in order) are:
low, crushcrushcrush, i don’t wanna be in love, teenagers, the black parade, kiss kiss, everytime we touch, boyfriend girlfriend, poppin’ champange,
when you look me in the eyes and others

some of my fav bands (not in any order) are:
good charlotte, fall out boy, greenday, boys like girls,
we the kings, tokio hotel, paramore, my chemical romance, cascada, c-side, all time low and others

My fav books are- Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, The Door Within, The Lightning Theif, The Sea of Monsters, and The Titans Curse. Those are my favorites so far i promise there will be more. I also like the The Shadow Thief.

I luv The Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. I am addicted to the books.

Some other books you should read are The Ghost Children by Eve Bunting, Twilight (and the series) by Stephenie Meyer, and I don’t remember the first book but the second book is The Siren Song (1st book is good 2) by Anne Ursu

I ♥ the Twilight series!!!! :-) It is so awesome everyone should read it. I can never put the books down and its so hard to stop reading them. (I had to hid them from myself!) If you haven’t read them read them they are amazing.

And a lot of people said they hate new moon and its so sad but I loved new moon!!

Stephenie Meyer is an amazing writer!

Right now I am only interested in reading books about vampires so if you know any please tell me and I will be very happy.

I will be starting a series soon with greekmythsrock so look out for that. =-)

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