Dew From Above

I have been there, I have done that, and I am not going there again. Where I am going I have not been before. God is my best friend and I look for Him everywhere and I find Him in everyone.
Please don’t take my writings too personally. I spend alot of time alone and in the word of God. Like many of the other people of the word, I have had some battles in this life. As a matter of fact anytime you fight evil with good you will have a battle. The good thing is that God fights all my battles and I usually just have to struggle with the fear. Out of the fear sometimes I spew my feelings in these little ficlets. Because of the nature of my other online books they are formatted in a different way. Here I have much more liberty to just vent a scripture that goes hand in hand with a lightening bolt like Psalms 18..”He sends forth His lightening bolts and routs His enemies.” The good thing, the very good thing, is that I have no idea who my enemies are. So, I can be free to love or at least try to love everyone. I have suffered unspeakable loss in this life time and some of my writings will have evidences of pain in them. Thank you for understanding. I think someone once said, love and hate are very similar. And if you can do one in a great measure than you can do the other. Hopefully my sorrow will turn to joy soon, as there is a time and season for everything and all seasons do change.

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