Distant Rose

Just another freshmen in high school, living out her days drinking Cokes, staying up till 2:00 am IMing, and writing stories and poems…no, wait…that last bit isn’t very normal, is it? ;)

I love writing stories and sometimes freak my friends out with some of the creepier ones. (::cough:: Lone_Writer ::cough:: Shadows in the Night ::cough::) Oh, and on another note…I love comments! ::sighs:: Yes, I am cyber-begging people for comments. Shameful, I know. Eh, what can you do? ::shrugs::

Anyways, go visit my friend Stella’s (Lone_Writer) page. ::nods:: She rocks. Even if she is a little…odd. ::snickers:: She is SO gonna kill me for saying that…) Anyways, here’s the link: Go visit her page (so she’ll stop bugging me about it).

You know what I just realized? I have no life. And I have no idea why that surprises me. ::sighs:: ::raises hand to forehead in Gone-With-the-Wind-esque manner:: Oh, woe, woe is me!

Name’s have been changed to protect the kinda-sorta-not-really-innocent.

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