Asreisea is a 22 year old English and Creative Writing student from Manchester, England. She has an obsessive personality, and as such, anything she gets into, she becomes obsessed with. Roleplaying and Realms of Alala are no different. Currently, she should be reading her assigned booklist for next semester, but finds Melanie Rawn far more thrilling.

She is a major fantasy writer and has huge ideas for stories. Sadly she’s a little lazy and many of those do not come to fruition. She enjoys the complexity in creating new worlds and peoples and cultures. When she closes her eyes, worlds spring at her, and she catches some of them, whirling the ideas for stories in her mind and writing those ideas down. Maybe one day, she’ll come back to them and actually write them. Who knows. Her fantasy can be found on under the same pen name.

She is keen on fanfiction, and writes that on various sites under the same pen name, and is completely obsessed by fanfic as well. If she doesn’t update here, it’s because she’s been writing fic and needs a slap of someone.

Usually good tempered, she doesn’t mind speaking to anyone and loves creative criticism on all aspects of her work. She only asks you to take in mind that her grammar and spelling is awful and not complain about that until she has found a beta reader.

Her favourite things to do is read and write, and play Realms of Alala. In her spare time, she does her university work. She has other hobbies, which include, and are not limited to tormenting and teasing her friends, going to the cinema to see lots of different types of films (though pretending a horror really isn’t a horror and convincing scared friends to go with her is a big delight to her), listening to music (for which she has a very eclectic taste, ranging from Enya, to Nightwish, from Meatloaf to Sarah McLachlan) and playing on her shiny (and pink!) Nintendo DS.

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