How do I start? Well, first off my names Gabe. Duh
I’m really creative and such, not as much as everyone in Ficlets Land, but pretty close. First person is an awesome way to describe and write, I think.

<===I would appareciate if you comment. Your comments always make want me to write more.

Writing is when I want to know what the future would be like. Or a past world. Or what if I lived in a little town with a whole lot of drama, when to a school full of superpowers, was in a major battle, have a real best friend. What of I never made this choice or that. What if is always my question, before I write a story.

Writing is a way of life. I write to get away from life. My head is full of wonderful thoughts and putting them on paper is like creating a new world for them. When I write, my characters grow, sometimes they lose control, because I always ask myself, “What would suchandsuch do?â€? or “He/She wouldn’t do thatâ€? I enjoy giving my characters personalites that are unique. I love to give my stories a twist. I don’t like making it like any other book I’ve read. I like it when the good guys don’t always win. I like it when I make it so you don’t know what will happen next. Unpredictable. And I try my best to put down what I see in my head. The visions I see, I love, and putting them on paper help me share it to the world.

I usually hate anything that is “inâ€? or whatever everyone is into. I’m usually hating it. Not in love with writing, but I’m pretty good at it.

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Life in NY

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Journal Of A Gay Teen (by my good friend)

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