My name is Nerissa,
I am
a romantic
a dork
a friend
an idiot (at times)
a good friend

I like to:
randomnly chill in the rain!
draw freely (I am not very good)
play tennis

to sum up
an average girl

Today—-Summer YAY!!!!! My bday is soon

Weather Report-- fine

Fave Words right now-- sweet deal, solid, that’s jokes, my b

Fave Songs right now-- Hollywood’s Not America (Ferras), Calibria (Enur), Because of you (Ne-Yo), Picture to Burn (Taylor Swift) Hallelujah (Kate Voegule),

Since summer has rolled around I might not be sequeling stuff as frequently as I’d hoped. Anyway I hope everyone has a great summer! =]=]=]=]=]=]

wanna start a series? think about it
Note me, because I love to talk to people and hear their opinions!

My serieses…?
1. With Nissakit(MEEE!!)
Chloe and Kevin….(that is what the first one is called)
a love story pretty much!

2. With Artist_Girl
Jacob and Sam…
(The Case is what the first one is called)
A love story again too!

3. With Nissakit (MEEE!!)
Diary of Hanna M. E. Banks
It is a diary of a girl from a village finding her way in the city.

4. With Nissakit (MEEE!!)
It is about two friends who have this big blowup in their friendship and what happens after.

5. With Oakvillecat
(I don’t have a name yet)
But the first one is called Flinching


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