Born from the charred blood of the coal-breathing fire demons from the planet Martians, Renophaston found himself alone on a planet that rejected him. Using his innate Martiansian knowledge of space travel, he built a starship and traveled to the fabled planet Earth, making a name for himself on the streets of the ghetto by singing about his hard-core alien gangster lifestyle in songs about rap. When music became illegal in the late 21st century, Renophaston traveled back in time to early 2007 to dictate the stories of his life to his constant companion and confidant – Kris(topher) Lemon-Burn, former child star and Lord of the Hebrews. In these stories (posted to this site and others), Renophaston hopes to change not the future, but rather his past, in a race against time and space for the good of this world.

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