The Lady

I am a member of the League of Awesomeness, and quite proud to carry the mantle of awesome. So on and henceforth, I shall be titled Lady Lady, Licensed Distributor of Awesome. (But really, just call me Lady, it’s easier.) For more information on the League, visit THX 0477’s profile.

The Lady is the girl in the leopard print coat.

You know the one. In movies and comic books and cartoons and such. If there’s a girl and she’s wearing a leopard print coat, you pay attention to her, because she’ll be important later. She doesn’t always mean something good, and she doesn’t always mean something bad, but she always means something.

There’s a strong possibility you will see her on Broadway someday, though it’s just as strong a possibility you’ll meet her working at an interesting little bar. If you do, order a Sweaty Irishman.

The Lady enjoys thunderstorms, autumn, yellow roses, the colors gray and pink, music, theatre, and chocolate strawberries. She’s a terrible strategist, and honestly doesn’t know how to hold a real grudge. She looks best as a redhead, though she’s been told cupcake pink suits her best. Her weapon of choice is a sketchbook or a large 2×4.

Mostly, the Lady likes to write about relationships. Not mushy, kissy relationships. Just the connections between people, love and hate and friendship and everything in between.

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