//miss mia//

hey im mia.
im only in seventh but most wouldn’t believe that. i used to be into the whole writing stories thing but now im more into writing about life..things you go through, things to think about, things to consider, stuff most don’t think about… so check out some of my newer “ficlets” and you just might be fascinated : ] whether you are or not though i’d highly appreciate it if you’d leave a comment on it so i can better what i write.

i live by quotes.. they inspire majority of my ficlets..
so pleeeaasseee if you ever read or find a good quote message it to me : ] id LOVE that : ]
and if ur in love with quotes to then i could send you some too : ]]

im the average teenager - hanging out with friends - being loud and rebelling against every rule - tryna figure out who i really am - and doing everything possible to stick with whats right.

::never regret anything that at one point made you smile.

::people will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel. —maya angelou

::never take order from, or love, the person who’s never been there, heard the stories, shed the tears, or shared the love. don’t let them impact your life, leave them where they are and keep moving forward.

::i’ve moved on, i’ve learned from the past, and am still without regrets. those of you who haven’t moved on, and haven’t learned what i have, of whom do have regrets, well im moving on from you too.

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