Today’s Lyrics: And it’s beginning to get to me that I know more of the stars and sea than I do of what’s in your head. Barely touching in our cold bed…

Well, well, well.
I am already desperately in love and indebted to this site for being a stress-reliever and savior. Wow.

Let’s see; what is there to say about me?
I’ve been ficlet-ing since I was thirteen and would’ve died of happiness (then) and of embarrassment (now) if I had known of this place back then. Honestly, this site is such an amazing resource! People can read my work! And I’m not on an obscure Xanga account hoping for the best! This is fantastic!

(Note: I love that word. ‘Fantastic.)

I’m a girl, I hope you realize. I graduate from highschool this year. I originally started writing by roleplaying, but not in the way you think. Role-playing is, to me and all my friends who grew up in this style, a way of writing ficlets. Collaborating between one person or several people to create a story, in which you control only one character who, essentially, represents you. I mostly RP as males just because they fascinate me. (I live with just my mum. No male influence. I have a right to be fascinated.)
That being said, I swear I’m not too awful at portraying guys. I think I understand them more, in fact.

I’m a romantic. Typical, you say, but I think I’m more true to the word. Most think of ‘romantic’ as love and hearts and flowers and the like. I think of romanticism as an act and a mindset. I am more apt to write about a hero standing outside his dead mother’s ranch house in the pouring rain than I am about, say,...

mashed potatoes.

Love Given Where Love Is Due
To my first ever commenter: Bartimaeus
And to the runner-up: .:band baby:.

Both of whom are fantastic writers. Now, I hope to meet more of the like in the future. Care to join me?


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