Thyme Passing

What is there to say about me? Well, actually quite a lot, comparatively.
To start, I am in the habit of answering my own questions. Is this a good or a bad thing? I can’t tell.
I love writing, which is probably pretty obvious. I have yet to finish any long stories, but I’ve finished a handful of short stories, and a multitude of poems.
My favorite food is…CHOCOLATE!!!! I cannot live without it. It is the pinnacle of perfection, epitome of excellence, the most audacious of ambrosias! But, as my mother says, all things in moderation! Sigh…Lindor truffles are the best.
I must have this gene or something that gives me strange ideas. For instance, I was one day hit by the revelation that my math teacher (both physically and in her demeanor) highly resembles an ill-tempered cow. Or that one day in art class when I was suddenly absorbed by the desire to write a list of alliterative phrases, such as “pinnacle of perfection”, or “the sordid story of the silver scalpel.” The people in my art class were highly amused.
I have a bad habit of correcting people’s grammar and spelling. It drives people insane.
Long obscure words are a lot of fun. You can view it as a collection, except unlike a lot of collections, I actually use mine. A collection of words is a lot more useful than a collection of stamps, no? No offense intended towards those who like collecting stamps, of course.
One last thing: I keep a journal. I have filled up 32 composition notebooks so far. I was fascinated when I found my great-great-great grandfather’s journals in my grandmother’s closet. These are my contribution to people in the future. I can only pray that they will be used for good, not for evil. Ha ha.

"Life is like a bowl of rotten cherries: still sweet, just a little gooey and fly-infested."

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