I constantly find myself falling in love with life, knowledge, music,books, pictures, memories, and people. Everyone I meet I think is so truly amazing I can’t get over it, and I never forget anyone. I’m very laid back, calm, loving, kind person, but I listen to what my family calls “devil music.”
I could never stay mad at anyone for more than a few hours. I love to stargaze and watch for shapes in the clouds, and writing and drawing are my passions. I love animal and might become another James Herriot: Writer/Vet.
I take life one day at a time and am very open. I am very religious also. If I feel God is telling me to do something, I do it. He guides my life and any other way of living I’ve tried leaves me feeling incomplete and alone.
My best friend is my brother, my dad past away when I was 7 (RIP Daddy,) and my mom and I fight a lot but I love her anyways. My best friends are all in my church youth group, and I couldn’t live without them. I have other very good friends at school, too!
If you read all that you’re very bored, caring, or you love me. Either way, thanks, God bless, and get writing!

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