I dont like sunsets. They mean an ending. I prefer sunrises. I like beginnings better. I love to be outside. I love flowers and the smell of grass right after its been cut. Thunderstorms are awesome. I try to see the beauty in everything. I’ve been told that I have an ‘artists eye.’ I love all forms of art. I love photography, I love painting, I love drawing, I love writing, I love acting. I love how with art you can portray the world the way you see it. I can be really dreamy and spacey. I get to daydreaming or thinking about a story and my mind just goes someplace else. Dont even try talking to me when I get like that because I wont hear you. I wasnt born with the neccesary hand-eye coordination neccesary to play sports without injuring myself and those around me. I am a total klutz. I will probobly die in some freak accident involving me tripping over my own feet to my death. I must walk into things more often in one day than normal people do in their lifetimes. I can be absolutely insane. I will do weird things, like paint my face white or dance around my house wearing a crazy wig, just because I was bored and happened to come across face paint and a wig. Im absolutely insane; Im sure to be in an institution by the time im 30. I wont walk in anyones footsteps, Im making my own.

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