“Good morning.”
good morning
“Let us begin.”
Do I talk to myself?
wait a minute.
does thinking count?
ok then,
Do I talk to other objects?
...would I be weird if I said yes?
but only sometimes, I swear.
“Just answer the question.”
...yea, I do.
Do I share my feelings with my friends?
“Could you just answer my questions without repeating them, please?”
well then, it depends.
“On what?”
Whether I want to have a emancipation from my parents at the time.
“Hmm. It would seem that you have problems.”
ok.. I’m going to leave now.

I shall conquer the world,
one story at a time.

..yes, I have problems
(but really, who doesn’t?)
and no, I actually never went to therapy before.
Maybe I should though
I heard my friend got free food out of it.

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