What Bob Needs

What Bob needs is his AA sponsor. Instead, he drove down to the market on the corner of 13th and Central, the one with the yellow and black sign that said “The Corner Market”, to buy himself a drink.

He got out of the Eldorado, trudged through the snow, and entered the market, nodding to Chinese Tom, the half-black, half-Korean kid behind the counter.

”’Morning,” Tom said, frowning. “Jeez, Bobby; you ain’t looking so good.”

He was right. Despite the fact it was 20º outside, Bob was sweating; and he still just couldn’t stop shaking. But it was almost over. Bob just had to pick up the stuff from Tess, make a quick delivery, and really soon, he’d be sitting pretty.

“You got that other thing?” Bob asked, looking around nervously.

“Here ya go,” Tom said, sliding a brown paper bag across the counter. Bob scooped it up and put it in his coat pocket. He paid for the package and his can of liquid-confidence and downed it in three long gulps. The shakes stopped immediately.

Tom smiled. “Use it in good health.”

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