Ahah! 3rd Place... the Votes (actually 2 votes, a few ratings, and an executive decision) Are In!

Well, It was a tough one to decide. I was almost certain of my first place winner (but I’m posting that one last) but I could not decide which would be second place and which would be third. These were both great stories about very original plots and quite opposite indeed. Many of you are probably reading this and saying (maybe even screaming) “Just call it a tie for pete’s sake!” but isn’t this more fun! As much as I (and Alexa) enjoyed this story, a lovely ficlet indeed, it went up against some stiff competition. Now, the winner of the third place award:

this award, presented for the following ficlet’s heartwrenching storyline, goes to…

Passing Love Like Secrets by Suburban Saint!

(cheers! applause! whistling! etc.!)
Congratulations, Suburban Saint! and good luck to the last two writers standing!

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