“33089 has escaped,” a heavy Russian growled.

The Warden scowled. “How?” he nearly whispered.

“We really…don’t know,” replied the man, actually experiencing slight fear for the first time. When the Warden was mad, you got out of the way, no matter how many heavyweight titles you won wrestling. “He started running, and somehow…we couldn’t land a shot on him. He stayed out of the lights most of the—”

“Shut up! I don’t need your bull! Just get me that vampire!” the Warden snarled. Then he started muttering. “Inconceivable!”

The Russian had the idiotic thought that the Warden sounded like the guy on The Princess Bride, and then dropped it quickly.

“What are your orders?” he said, snapping into a sharp salute.

The Warden looked up as if realizing the man was in the room for the first time. “Go after it, of course! Take all your boats, all your men, all your big guns—and go after it. I don’t care if its fangs are gone or whatever, you’re finding that thing and killing it!”

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