Victoria St. Paul

The girl stared strangely up at Adrien, as if she had never seen a man in a hospital before. Greg was just as confused, waving his eyes between Adrien and the girl.

Adrien started to turn back around to set off again when the girl grabbed him by the arm. She looked just as surprised as he did.

“Um—don’t go,” she said. Adrien knitted his eyebrows together, his hair glued to his face from the steady sprinkle of water from above.

“You’re the one from the waiting room?” Greg finally asked.

Suddenly the girl seemed to change moods. “Frank, are we?” Then she went back to her old self. “Sorry…I’m Victoria, Victoria St. Paul. Just Vicky, though.”

“She’s as crazy as you,” Greg muttered to Adrien out of the side of his mouth. Adrien payed no heed and stared at Vicky. Another connection, he could feel it…

“What are you here for?” Adrien asked quietly.

“My mom has asthma, really bad,” Vicky replied.

Adrien’s eyes widened. “Room 121?”

Vicky frowned and nodded slowly.

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