Get A Job

“You have What??,” said Mr. Givengibbs to his college grad son, Corky.

“Ergophobia,” Corky said in a knows everything way that only recent college grads can muster.

“Ergophobia, what kind of mumbo jumbo word is that?,” his agitated father barked.

“What’s all the fuss about dear?”, said Mrs.Givengibbs in her best 1950’s TV mom voice.

“Your son has, what’s that again you have son?,” Corky’s dad said.

“Ergophobia,” Corky said.

“He’s got that, whatever the Sam Hill that is… College, ha, get a job for cripes sake ”, said Corky’s frustrated dad.

“Well what is this ergo.., ergophobia thing, Corky?,” his mom asked.

“Fear of work, or working, or even thinking about working,” Corky shuddered.

“Fear of work, what in the… he gets that from your side Abaline,” her husband said, “that and his fear of moving out.”

“That’s tropophobia, dad,” said Corky.

“Can we discuss this after dinner please?,” said Mrs. Givengibbs, “You’re both giving me deipnophobia.”

“That’s fear of dinner conversation, right Mom?”

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