The Fall of Icarus

“Did you remember to pick up my dry cleaning on the way home?â€? I asked, throwing myself bonelessly on to the sofa.

“It’s on the door,â€? Tommy muttered, not bothering to look up from the television. I was surprised he even responded.

“Do you see that picture there, Lil? The one with the clouds, and the sea that goes on forever?â€? Tommy asked me. “I’m going to take you there one day. Just you and me on that beach. Would you like that?â€?

We used to be so in love. The kind of love where you’d stay up all night just to watch the new day begin. His smile could make me feel like I was the only woman in the whole world.

“And how we gonna get there Tommy? I don’t think the city bus’ll be too obliging.â€?

The dreams went first, followed by the love. Slowly it degraded into comfortable cohabitation; a business relationship with vestiges of affection.

“For you darling, I’ll build us some wings.â€?

I shut my eyes, imagining the droning of the television to be the rushing of a sea that goes on forever.

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