Mutual Assured Seduction - Part 1

Old Mister Zee, the owner, came bounding around the counter, a huge grin on his face. He greeted Alec with a heavy clap on the back, nearly sending the vampire to the floor. Other than a brief glance in Alec’s direction, though, Mister Zee never took his eyes off of Simone.

Alec made the introductions, explaining how Simone was just dying to meet a real life god. Mister Zee’s ego swelled as she turned on the old “little-miss-innocent” routine. After that, Alec was forgotten. He sipped his coffee and let the succubus work her magic.

She pulled out all the old tricks: giggling and blushing at the right moments, playing with her hair, leaning over the counter at the just the right angle, stroking the old man’s beard, whispering in his ear.

Mister Zee ate it up, and responded by turning on the Old World charm. Watching him work, Alec realized why so many ladies of antiquity dropped their drawers for the old goat. If Alec hadn’t been so thoroughly heterosexual, he’d have probably done the old guy, too.

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