Mutual Assured Seduction - Part 2

Alec grew bored watching the Pre-Hellenic Heartbreaker and the Soul Sucking Hell-Bitch make sheep’s eyes at each other. He turned his attention to the waitress, wondering what she tasted like. Probably like desperation and cigarettes, no doubt.

“Alec, my friend,” Mister Zee whispered, leaning in close. “I’m going to take Simone upstairs to, ah…talk for a little bit. You do not mind, yeah?”

Alec glanced at Simone. She met his gaze with a raised eyebrow and a subtle smile. Jackpot.

“No worries, pal. You guys enjoy your…talk.”

Mister Zee laughed and slapped Alec on the shoulder with one of his enormous mitts. “You’re a good friend, Alec. Anything you want, it’s on the house, yeah?”

“See you, Al,” Simone said as Mister Zee lead her through a door which went to an upstairs apartment.

“Take your time, you two. I’ll be fine,” Alec called. He looked around, at the tired waitress and the barhopping kids in the booth. He smiled, baring sharp fangs.

“I’m sure I’ll find some way to keep myself entertained.”

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