From Here to Eternity

He was still wondering what the splash of blood they had just found meant when an “um, Blake?” made him look-up at a three-ring circus of police cars and ambulances.

“I think she struck again,” Simon said. “How do we get in to examine the body?”

“We don’t,” Blake replied. “We already know what probably happened to whatever poor bastard is over there. We need to find Simone and fast.”

“So, what…” Simon started, but paused, clutched his chest slightly and peered to the sky. “Did you feel that?” he asked Blake. Just then, streaks of lightening lit-up the night sky… lightening that moved completely horizontally.

Blake shook his head. His tattoo had tingled, but nothing massive. “What’s happenin’?”

“There’s a great disturbance in the Force. A glitch in the Matrix…”

“English please,” Blake asked.

“A God just died,” Simon replied.

Blake looked up to the sky, trying to glean a sample of what Simon was seeing. Instead, Blake witnessed four motorcycles flying over-head. “And the Four Horsemen just arrived.”

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