The All In One

Simone reeled, almost swept off Her feet by the gorgeous being before Her.

Four faces sharing one head, a single looming visage on each side. His neck twisting and contorting, allowing each facade ample face time: a young boy decimated by pocks and marks; a man with red eyes and a flaming tongue; an elder with sunken features and a hungry gaze; and a bleached white skull, all His promises finally fulfilled.

Eight wings protruded from His back and four arms from His sides. Each hand bore forth-separate fruits, brilliant gifts He wished to share: a crown, a scale, a sword and a scythe.

His legs were likewise four and modeled after those of stallions, each a varied and brilliant hue: white, red, black and green. He stood tall and firm, holding the inconsequential vampire aloft by a single fingernail.

“I love you,” Simone swooned, unable to prevent the proclamation.

His skull set a blank stare upon Her. His jaw line shifted, a mocking impersonation of a grin. She returned the gesture.

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