Winnie had already fallen asleep, but Jonathan lay wide-eyed. “What is your name?” Asked the mermaid keeping watch.
“I am Jonathan… to land-dwellers.” Jonathan welcomed the conversation.
“I am Valtameri.” Her voice was even and smooth.
“It means ‘ocean’,” Jonathan smiled knowingly.
“What is your other name?” Valtameri wrinkled her brow.
“It is ‘Caspian’.”
“You are Caspian? The One who will slay thousands of enemies? Save us all from certain doom? And unite the land and underwater, once again?”
“Valtameri, I certainly hope so. After all, I’m only seven land years.” His voice faltered as he realized the task ahead of him. “But, what about Winnie? Can she go back home? She’s been so good to me, and I don’t know if she can handle what is coming.” Winnie stirred in her bubble, before returning to her troubled sleep. Jonathan reached his hand over her, and stroked her drying hair.

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