Trying To Save The "C U L8R" Series

“What?!” my unnamed stalker exclaimed as he looked down at his tire, thinking he had a flat.

“This is the police. Pull the vehicle over!”

Any other time I would’ve laughed as he flipped the police off, but it didn’t seem appropriate, considering my conditions. The gesture didn’t exactly put the cops in a good mood, so they pulled out their guns and fired. My stalker, obviously having done this before, pulled a gun from somewhere beyond my eyesight. Leaving the steering wheel stranded, he threw his entire upper half out of the window and opened fire.

It was then I realized that he wasn’t the brightest guy in the world, for the police fired back. He drew back and decided it wouldn’t matter to lose an arm, so instead he stuck that out and fired where ever he pleased – second mistake. I watched in amazement as a bullet fired into one car, which crashed into another car, and started a pile up. I gave him his props – the pile up cut off all but two police cars.

And the chase continues.

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