The Bluest Blue (VI)

Something about her was familiar. He felt like he knew her from somewhere, but he couldn’t put a finger on it. One thing was for sure: there was no way Brian believed in reincarnation. That was just crazy. The only explanation was that he must know her from somewhere, somehow. And she wanted to get to know him better, so she had concocted this elaborate story. 200 years, yeah right, he chuckled to himself. She must know someone from his family, someone who could tell her about the birthmark, and about where he lived. Heck, she probably did this to tons of guys. Brian wondered if any of them ever fell for it, and he almost laughed out loud at the thought of it. But then he remembered hearing her voice, clear as a bell, inside his head. I can see you’re starting to remember me now.. He shuddered, cold suddenly. His mind, so good at finding logical, rational explanations for things, drew a blank. Could she be psychic? Just then the phone rang. Brian hesitated for just a second before picking up the receiver.

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