AD 2029: Legacy of Humans

The meteor struck with enough force to destroy all of humanity. All human life disappeared in the giant impact, and in their dying they left behind a stew of artifacts for future generations to share. I am one of those artifacts, and they consider me a great source of knowledge. After all, I am something of an expert in the human experience considering I even look like they once did, and as a sentient being, I even had certain rights under the federal cyborg law.

Humans time stamped AD 2029 as the last year of human existence, and I have every newscast, broadcast, and every recorded event stored in my database. The Sqiuom seem both bored and entranced with my knowledge, and I’m more than happy to help them reach Mars.

I’m not human, and there is no human experience in my memory chips that can explain their emotions and feelings, but I am compelled to say that these were important to my masters. They want me to convey that they were here and that they had escaped to Mars colonies for survival.

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