…Two For The Show

Azrael’s face was colored like a rotten peach, but Blake continued to bring his fist down on it. “So, Oz,” Blake grunted, catching his breath, “who’s the one out of their league here, big guy? Huh?”

“You are,” Azrael replied, chips of pearly tooth and splatters of blood spewing forth. “You didn’t think very hard about this.”

“Didn’t have time to, buddy,” Blake replied. “Just rollin’ with the punches, I am.” Blake emphasized this last part by brutalizing Azrael’s solar plexus with a fierce blow.

Azrael coughed, choking back his internal organs as they attempted to escape from his mouth. “Blood seeks blood,” he smiled.

Blake paused, his fist drawn back to deliver another blow. “What?”

“Two way street,” Azrael’s bowels oozed. “Blood seeks blood.”

“You’re delaying, Oz,” Blake said. “Don’t worry, I’ll make the end painless… just might take some time getting there.”

Azrael’s body shuddered, attempting to laugh and cough simultaneously. “I wasn’t alone… partner’s coming… and you called him. Lucifer’s coming.”

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