The Return of the Crocs

Thursday Evening
6:30 PM
The Bambel Residence

“Honey! We need to go to the mall! You need some new clothes.” Mrs. Bambel told her husband, who was absorbed in the latest episode of The Price is Right.

“Ugh…..” Mr. Bambel groaned, ” Do we HAVE to?”

“Yes, we do. Your t-shirts are wearing out, and I have NO idea what’s the last time you bought a new pair of loafers. Now comb your hair and put your shoes on. We’re going right now.”
Mrs. Bambel flicked off the TV and shoved a comb into Mr. Bambel’s face.

6:54 PM
At the Mall

“Dear, PLEASE stop slouching and cooperate with me!” Mrs. Bambel said to her cranky husband.

“Oh, baloney…’re lucky I even came with you.” he grumbled in reply.

“Oh, here it is, the shoe store. Come ON Victor.” Mrs. Bambel said, sighting the brightly lit Payless Shoe Source.

Immediately Mr. Bambel noticed them, consuming the window display…drawing attention with their vibrant colors and funky shape: CROCS !

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