Antagonist or Protagonist

“Um,” Blake muttered, still awe-struck by the regal personage before him, “you know we’re gonna stop you, right?”

“As is just for you to attempt, young one,” the darkened light replied. “While birthed from the Nothings with free will, it meant not without the knowledges We bestowed upon your species.”

Blake stood dumb-founded. Is Lucifer actually challenging me to stop Him? he thought.

His fiery serpent tongue wiggled with glee. “Oh, yes,” His ageless voice sweetly boomed. “It would offend Us greatly if your kind discarded Our most brilliant, rosy red gift so easily.”

“So, um,” Blake started.

“Your tactics are well known to Us, Robert Anthony Blake. Know this, your kind shall surely fail in all endeavors against Us. This, Our second rebellion, shall bring forth a much more satisfying conclusion than Our first.”

“Are you that pissed off about being banished to Hell?” Blake asked, before he could stop himself.

“No,” the light responded. “We are merely despondent over being constantly cast the villain.”

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