Where do old songs go when they die? (Part II)

It’s not the first track. It’s not the last track. The chorus spoke to me – directly to me.

The second song is about Alexander – that one’s obviously not about me.

The second to last song is in French. Mon Coeur, Ces Enfants. So is track 4. La Lumière, Mon Nom. I don’t speak French, anyway. Mais non!

I once lost a ‘Culture Club’ song while singing in the shower. I woke up with the song on repeat inside my head and I sang whole verses under the hot water. I remember the ‘Baby, Baby’s punctuated the refrains and something important about ‘Mama’s Pain.’ I stopped singing the song while brushing my teeth – the Sonicare doesn’t hum along very well. I fear that song went down the drain. Later that day, I searched the MP3s and I could not find that song in my library. I’ve never heard from it again.

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