He's Psychaotic.

“Oh my goodness.” I said as my head snapped back.
“Its okay.” he said.
“You sure?”
He just looked at me. I wanted to cry, so bad, but the movie wasnt over yet, I still had time to fix this. I looked at him & felt so stupid.

So as the movie went on, he wrapped his arm around my shoulder but the fabric of his sleeve was irritating my neck, so I kept randomly scratching it until he move his arm.
I thought to myself, “Stupid, stupid.”

Then my phone rang & then again, its really irritating him because everytime he made a move on me, Mike (a good friend) would call. Even though my phone was on silent, it had a loud vibration.

“Is Mike your boyfriend?” he said.
“No, he’s my annoying bestfriend.”
“Are you lying? Then why not turn your phone off or even answer your phone?”
“Cause he’s psychaotic”
“Can we just watch the remainder of the movie.”

The movie was almost at the end when my phone ranged again.
“I cant take this crap. He got up & sat 3 rows ahead of me.I slowly started to cry.

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