Good Morning Mary Sunshine

I feel asleep in what seemed to be the most comfortable bed in the world – then again, I would’ve taken anything to sleep on right about then.

Only half-conscious, I hear the door creak open, then close, and somebody lays down next to me. figuring it’s Shade, I let him go – I’m too tired to pick up my arm and push him out.

I dreamt of the many conversations I would have when seeing Rachel again. I would have an actual girl to finally just.. vent to! A best friend, yet again..


I jump at the sudden loud noise, and my head gets incredibly close to hitting the ceiling. I look at the stupid alarm clock that woke me up – 5:45AM. Enfuriated, I pick it up and chuck it as hard as my trained arm could muster into the wall, causing it to shatter to pieces. I lay back down, and drift into sleep.

What seemed like half an hour later, my internal alarm clock wakes me up. I sit up, yawn, and see if Shade’s still asleep next to me – except it was Jack.

“You LOSER !” I say, and push him out of bed.

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