Emma Five

I have to go pick up Minnie and Mickey now. They live next door and are taken care of by a stupid nanny named Carmela (yeah, I know) who refuses to drop them off when her shift is over. SHE IS JUST THE …grr. Gotta calm down!
I half to get everyone into coats and hats and gloves and walk them all the way next door and get M&M and their stroller and get them home through the snow. Grrr…

Later- Kids asleep

Oh my god, I REVERE naptime! Everyone except Lia is asleep: M&M in their crib, Kyle and Teddy on the beds, and me on the couch. Haha, I’m not asleep. Lia’s on the computer again, though I know that soon she will take back all of her furious proclamations that Naptime Is For Babies and fall asleep on the couch. Whoops, I’m on the couch! Better move…

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