Heartbreak Hospital

Doctors stared, mouths agape beneath the sick pink of their surgical masks. Finally, one nurse regained her composure and nearly collapsed as she pushed Adrien out of the room.

Vicky and Greg were waiting out in the hallway. Adrien stumbled out of Room 121 and saw that Vicky had tears carving cruel lines down her smooth face. A shame such a face was lost to them. He surprised himself with the thought.

Vicky finally registered Adrien and heaved a wet sob. “Mom,” she choked. “Mom, mom, mom!” She winced pleadingly at Adrien for a sign of hope, but she read it in his eyes.

Greg looked on as Vicky barreled her fists as hard as she could into Adrien’s bare chest, barely making him flinch. He just looked sad.

Vicky gave one last cry and flung herself down the hallways, desperate to escape the labyrinth of white, the terrible monotony of this prison.

Adrien was a melting pot of emotions. His sister—if it was true, had just ran away from him!

He would just have to follow her, then.

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