someday_93's Name Challenge: First Day Of A Possible Upcoming Tramatization Of Jr. High Student Mockery

Lynde looks in the mirror at her slightly toned skin, and pitch black hair. Picking up her brush, she does one hundred strokes to get rid of each knot. Putting down the brush, she grabs her eyeliner, gently gliding it on the outskirts of her eyes.

She knows that she doesn’t need all this, she’s been told numerous times that she’s pretty enough, but this is a big day for her – the first day of Jr. High.

Up until last week, when she moved in to this small, unknown town in the East, she had been homeschooled in Los Angeles – her mother had feared for her safety in a public school.

I hope the other kids like me, she thinks as she twirls her skirt, watching it bounce off her legs in her full-length mirror.

She was wearing a hazel spagetti-strap shirt with brown flower print wrapped around her, and a faded jean mini-skirt. Add the cutest brown shoes from Calvin Klein, and you have her first-day outfit, specially picked out by her fashion stylist. With a deep breath, she heads out for the bus.

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