On His Way

He woke up in the early morning. Standing up Kevin brushed himself off. First things first, he needed money.

Now Kevin wasn’t a criminal, far from it. But he had played life by the rules, and he had gotten screwed over. So he would do whatever it took to get his life back on track.

But not here, he needed this city as a hideaway, he couldn’t take the risk of getting charged here, his only really safe place. So Kevin went out on his way.

He walked for hours, his feat ached, his stomach was rumbling, but he couldn’t do anything about that, not right now.

As the day reached into the afternoon, Kevin became hopeless, he had walked at least 10 miles, yet there was no other town in sight. A mile or two later Kevin came across a dirt road. This was excellent news. And it turned out he wouldn’t even have to wait tell he rached a city. Here came a young man, maybe in his mid 20’s with a beat down Chevy driving down the road. He put his thumb up and the guy pulled over.

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