The Tunnel

I raced up the stairs, pulling James along. He was really out of it. What is his problem?? I was so hyped on adrenaline I burst through the locked door at the end of the stairs with no problem. I shook James.

“We have to find the Book James. Come ON!” I said.

“Right, right ok.” He said stumbling a little. What was I going to do with him?

We searched through the attack, everywhere we could think of. “Ouch” James cried.

“James? James where are you?” I yelled, looking for him.

“Over here.” James said, his voice sturdy not quivering at all. I walked over to him. He had found a secret passage. I sarted at him in wonder.

“Is this the-” I started.

“Yeah I think so,” he cut me off.

“Shall we?” We said simutaniously. We laughed and went into the tunnel. Funny I thought I’m not scared at all.. must be..

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