Of course, he beat me here, left the note, and went back. He’s really not a bad guy, I really shouldn’t have blown up in his face. But the past is behind us. I open the door and walk in, looking around the blue painted walls. I run my finger down the walls…. and sigh with contentment.

“Organic paint.” Finally, I think, Something that isn’t artificial. I slump on the newly made bed and run my hands over the comforter. It’s clean, and it’s made of 100% real cotton and soy-based dyes. I motion Shade over to sit and feel, completely forgetting that he can’t sense that kind of thing. He feels it and shrugs.

“It’s soft.” I roll my eyes and lean back on the pillow, also completely organic. I take a deep breath, breathing in all the non-artificiality. I sit up.

“Crappit, I asked for extra pillows.” I walk out, followed by Shade, and walk up to her.

“I do believe that I specifically requested extra pillows, did I not, ma’am?” She shrugs and checks her records, nodding.

“Sorry, we’ll get on that.”

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