The Question Of A Heart Attack

She felt him tug at her hand and he pulled her up without saying a word. She felt light and heavy at the same time. I don’t know where I’m going but can you guide me?
She felt a million miles away. Her heart was a flutter in her chest. She was dizzy but the whole time, he held her hand, keeping her upright. My heart stops, it isn’t going. Could you revive me?
The loom of a house caught her off-guard. They stopped in front, his hand on the door handle.
“Come in. Please.” She heard the plead in his voice. She looked into his eyes, to try and see who he was. All she saw was her reflection. She nodded. If I find love where I’m going, will it survive me?
His house was tiny but the warmest she had ever been in. It smelt of winter and the walls reminded her of spring. Still holding hands, she was led into his bedroom.
He laid her down on the bed then simply lay down beside her. Their foreheads touched. “Who are you?” he whispered.
“Rusty,” she said, drawing it into his skin with her finger.
I’ll be fine.

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